Cool down your chair, turn up your adventures

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Cool down your chair, turn up your adventures

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Arctica cooling technology

54 feet of micro-cooling lines

Cools down to 45 degrees

Recline into cooling comfort in less than 1 minute

9 hrs of cooling

(Compatible with all coolers, including cooler bags)

Don’t just take our word for it

“It is crazy, it is so cool! This would be really nice on the ball field.”

Tim Johnson

Shop tool review

“I am sitting in direct sunlight now and it is awesome. That is really cool. Take it to the beach or camping. It is just cooling your entire core.”

Josh McGaffigan

Pro tool reviews

“These chairs are about to be a total game changer for all outdoor activities. This is for dads for sure. Hanging out a the ballpark: I love it!”

The Handmade

Home Design & renovation blog

Cool down with 4 easy steps


Set up chair or lay out topper


Unfurl & place trunk hose in cooler


Connect battery and sunshade


Enjoy cooling comfort for up to 9 hours

Same cool tech, two forms

Cooling TOPR

Add cooling to your own chair.

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Cooling chair

Get the all-in-one experience.

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Built in carrying strap

Soft cushion
(available in 2 sizes)

Use with any chair

Weighs under 4 lb

Lay flat

Small & portable design

300 lbs max capacity

Attachable sun canopy

Ultra-comfortable design

275 lbs max capacity

Powder coated alloy steel

Oversized carrying bag

Dark grey with orange highlights

Moveable cup holder

Stealth pump technology

Elevate your outdoor experience

All the cool needed for an 9-hour day under the sun

Enjoy the best of what summer has to offer in total comfort

Arctica cool technology helps regulate body temperature

Lounge in style all summer long

Bask in the glory of summer with ECTO

Meet the ecto team

Aaron Carmack



Aaron has 26 years of operations and retail leadership. With 11 years of executive level leadership managing businesses for The Home Depot and annual revenues over $1 billion he understands products and customer service. He has a passion for people, taking care of the customer and bringing products to life.

Mark Huggins


Partner / head of business development

Mark developed over $3 billion in new products, created and launched multiple new business categories and brands, and invented hundreds of concepts which lead to 65+ US Utility patents filed. As SVP of Product Development TTI Power Tool Division he and his team won innovation of the year awards from Home Depot twice and over 100 industry New Product Excellence Awards.

 Porter Whitmire


Partner / head of product development

With 25 years of experience, Porter has served in many product development roles. He started his career as a CAD designer and rose through the ranks to VP of Innovation and New Business Development. Porter developed over 400 products from power tools, to lawn and garden products, electronics, and lifestyle products. Porter traveled to Asia over 40 times working with supplies, sourcing agents, and overseeing product development teams.

Alex Wu


Partner / Asia operations

Alex has 30+ years working for some of the biggest consumer goods suppliers in the world. He launched multiple product lines worth billions of dollars in revenue. Alex has an extensive network within: batteries, outdoor equipment, electronics, power tools, and athletic gear.

Aaron Carmack
Mark Huggins
Porter Whitmire
Alex Wu

Sunshine state of mind with the coolest seat